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Our Mission


California Girl Scout Backpackers is a coalition of adult Girl Scouts united in our goal to create as many opportunities as possible for girls to explore the wilderness with nothing but the pack on their back. We share resources, knowledge, fellowship, and support and are committed to helping other councils, interest groups, troops, and individuals develop and strengthen their own groups and programs. We believe when girls venture into the wilderness, they return as strong, capable, competent leaders, who will make the world a better place.​

Girls backpacking safely and skillfully through the wilderness supports our national organization's mission and delivers on all Girl Scout outcomes.

Learn More About the

Girl Scout Mission and Outcomes

Girl Scouts Backpacking in a Valley

What We Do


Share program content and manuals, trip itineraries, equipment leads, and all manners of backpacking resources.


Bring together Girl Scout backpacking leaders of all levels to support each other and assist others in starting their own programs. 

Take Action

Meet once a year to share our growth and challenges, discuss CAGS Backpackers business, make future plans to expand our reach, and enjoy time outdoors.

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