Obtaining equipment can be the most challenging component of taking Girl Scouts backpacking. Here are some resources that may help reduce costs for your girls.

Donations and Borrowing

Outdoors Empowered Network

The Outdoors Empowered Network is coalition of member groups that train adults to take youth into the wilderness and loan gear for free or low cost to groups where a leader has been through their training. Bay Area Wilderness Training is specific to California.

Gear Forward

Gear Forward helps connect donors with youth organizations in need of gear. Groups request gear, potential donors provide lists of what they can provide, and Gear Forward matches donors with groups. Additionally, when they need gear to meet current requests or have gear donors that they can't match, they advertise this on their website.

Scout Discounts

Hiker Direct

Hiker Direct is a program by Alps Brands that provides discount camping and backpacking gear to members of various scouting organizations in the United States including the Girl Scouts. Once you are registered with them, you will gain access to browse and purchase the available gear on their website.

Deuter Logo.png

Deuter is giving Girls Scouts the opportunity to purchase backpacks in bulk at a significant discount. They are offering the blue Fox 40 children's pack in a box of 10 for $35 a pack- $350 total. (Retail price, $120/pack.) They are also offering the graphite-black Futura Vario 45 10 + SL in a box of 5 for $85 a pack - $425 total. (Retail price, $230/pack.) Shipping is not included in the quoted price. For more information or to place an order, email

Rentals and Second-Hand

Arrive Outdoors

Arrive Outdoors is a company that provides premium outdoor equipment rentals at a very low cost. You reserve equipment on their website, and your order is shipped to any destination in the United States including hotels or FedEx affiliate locations. When you are finished with your trip, you ship back the equipment with their free return label. This would be a great option for troops just starting out or to avoid lugging equipment through airports.

REI Garage Sale

REI Co-op Garage Sales are semi-annual and offer huge discounts on lightly used items. These sales are only available to REI Co-op members. However, at $20 for a lifetime membership, this could easily be worth it for an active outdoor troop.

Do you know of a gear resource that Girl Scouts can utilize?

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